Jordyn Visits the Dentist | 19 Kids and Counting

Before going on tour, there is a lot to do–including a dentist visit. More Duggars! Visit

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25 Responses to Jordyn Visits the Dentist | 19 Kids and Counting

  1. Bludbender says:

    2 year olds get their teeth clean? o. o

  2. Dizzybear says:

    ONE it wasn’t a parent it was her big sister and TWO I love the duggars so I’m not going ‘crazy’ I’m just stating facts. Learn fact from fiction beore you look stupid

  3. jocey otter says:

    oh my god all parents do that dont go all crazy on the duggars for doing it not all parents are perfect even the duggars

  4. Dizzybear says:

    Maybe they didn’t want teen parents? Um . . . I took care of a newborn and 2 year old started when I was 14 and knew the last thing I wanted was a baby of my own and I had a boyfriend.

  5. Dizzybear says:

    They lied to her. It’ll be real quick that’s why we keep taking them. Love the duggars but Jessa shouldn’t have lied to her. They know at 2 about trust.

  6. Ashleigh Hart says:

    Has anyone noticed that jordyn is one of the kids who gets hardly any attention I wish Michelle would hold her and give her cuddles and attention because as a toddler she needs that attention so when I see a picture or something of her and Michelle together it feels good to know that she does get that but u hardly see that anyways. I

  7. 1blondie1968 says:

    They pawn their younger children off on the older children. It’s sickening to watch. Anyone can teach their kids about God, but let’s try being real parents here! Jshelle & Jimboob r pathetic. The kids have no interaction with any othr children except their family members. Meanwhile it’s like a baby factory. Get a clue, you’re lucky baby Josie is still here.

  8. PurpleAlbatross says:

    Aw poor baby, I feel for her! I’m grown up and I absolutely hate those things – they hurt!

  9. majormana1 says:

    @wrestleingdiva she dosen’t and clearly you dont watch the show so why are you on this vid?

  10. majormana1 says:

    @tara34952 how do you know she wasn’t having jaw problems or something and it was being checked to make sure nothing serious was wrong. 

  11. EpikAvrilLavigne says:

    nope i had an xray of my teeth when i was 4 and i had an enamel disorder so i had 12 cavities and had to have surgery to get 4 of my teeth out because if her teeth fall out and she dosent have them growing them in so thats why

  12. HPfanatic99 says:

    poor thing those cardboard things suck

  13. Megan Matthews says:

    LOVE the College Plus shirt at 0:11 !

  14. tara34952 says:

    I don’t understand why they need to do an x-ray on this little girl’s teeth. Here they do it when you are an adult to look for cavities in the molars. But little Jordyn is way too young to have cavities and she’s only got her baby teeth. Surely it’s not only unnecessary but also dangerous to expose a child this young to x-rays if they’re not really needed?

  15. Monica Gonzalez says:

    Right!? it’s weird how everything is super small now with the technological advances and those things are still massive! 

  16. Marika White says:

    im 20 and have the same problem!

  17. MissCupcakegirl2000 says:

    lol cutie

  18. MissCupcakegirl2000 says:

    i think there amazing at looking after there kids and they give more atension to them then family who just dont care about there kids so dont be mean

  19. CelesteK says:

    Poor little girl the cardboard is pinching her mouth. LOL! 

  20. KSkiGirl365 says:

    me too 

  21. wrestleingdiva says:

    oh so just because they cant breastfeed their siblings its called helping? uh no no no they do wake up in the night to calm down the kids and the babies they even said so so no what they are doing is raising their moms kids not helping

  22. beachfeet1000 says:

    no, they HELP but they do not have to stay up nights feeding or calming them crying. Big difference between helping and being an actual parent.

  23. Elizabeth S. says:

    yea and you could take a child even before their a year old too

  24. cutietofu says:

    i hate that think they stick in ur mouth for xrays ; i always feel like im gonan choke=. =

  25. wrestleingdiva says:

    tell me about you know when people say dont have a kid while your a teen because its hard and you give up your teen year well fuck jinger jessa jana and jill already gave up their teen yrs why because they had kids as teens no they were the mother to their mothers kids sickining

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