Jillian after Dentist

This is me after I got my wisdom teeth out haha pretty funny.

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25 Responses to Jillian after Dentist

  1. Mike Donahue says:

    When you own a truck, everybody wants you to help them move. Just sayin’.

  2. Mike Donahue says:

    Yeah. . . do they teach kids ANYthing these days???

  3. Noraly Gado says:

    hahahahahah pretty funny cute LOL love it.

  4. seth grayson says:


  5. Catpow32 says:

    Spagitt in

  6. TheSeanB18 says:

    Lol, I made a video like this! Check it out! :)

  7. hunterbravenec1 says:

    Spaghetti in a cup

  8. Alyssa Stevens says:

    she looks high lol

  9. PoloTheDon1206 says:

    Hilarious when she said “daily vitamin” “fema” “protein” how could I have forgotten “energy” she broke down every bite

  10. patratt says:

    Love when she takes off the jacket! Hot! Spaghetti in a cup! #2 fav

  11. un Charming says:

    spaghetti ina cup spaghetti in a cup ahahaha

  12. FloridaOner says:

    Byeeee. . . have a nice day. . . . . Player hate 😀

  13. samsunix says:

    I noticed same. I was so sure she is going to freak out 😀

  14. annaisdeename says:

    @Lovingirl80 Are you implying that every asian tries to sound Caucasian? Because it seems like you are. Get your racism out of here and take your illiterate comments with you.

  15. Juliet Davis says:

    Energy, how could I have forgotten?

  16. R.V. Tromp says:

    Haha fun ^^

  17. tavongooden83 says:

    “player hate”

  18. tavongooden83 says:

    she high as idk wat

  19. HeiHolaHello says:

    . . . what? why would asian people who are fluent at english fake an accent?

  20. warner45231 says:

    1:34  dat face

  21. Leylah78 says:

    Funny energy vitamins and protean lol she is pretty

  22. saharat promprasert says:

    LOL! She went out side when she was HIGH!!!??”! WHAT??


    I tought it was gonna be like that after when i saw this video! I’m stupid!!

    or maybe I just high 😀

  23. saharat promprasert says:

    Shes pretty! no kidding folks! What’s her name in facebook?

  24. Lovingirl80 says:

    why do asian people try to hard to sound like they’re Caucasian? it’s annoying.

  25. Phil LaChance says:

    this girl is awesome!!!!! lolol!!

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