Going to the dentist

pretending to go to the dentist for a check up.

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19 Responses to Going to the dentist

  1. Jinnori Serino says:

    wow this is weird

  2. josh olson says:

    this was a school play

  3. nique1584 says:

    Whoever was in the chair very nice teeth!!! But I could tell she has cavities on top and bottom

  4. Jennifer Leerbaum says:

    please do a close up video, showing your pearly white teeth

  5. brennamcgr says:

    was that in a classroom?

  6. Jonathan Schmutz says:


  7. jmoneylikesham10 says:

    So basiclly its adults acting like 2 year old

  8. woozworld1234567890 says:


  9. Edward Jones says:

    4:33 till the end just sounds soo wrong. . .

  10. jenny bernabe says:

    If she dont want germs u should whas ur globe couse it has germs

  11. SmashinVids says:


  12. Julie Bigley says:

    No problem. . . our kids loved it and ultimately that is our only goal.

  13. TheInternetWanderer says:

    I’m a fool, on watching the video again the target audience (children) is obvious, my apologies.

  14. Julie Bigley says:

    This video was made for our special ed 3 year old classroom. It is simple to get the basic concept across.

  15. Myensmith says:

    Dang ms. B can get it

  16. beatweezl says:

    No germs after you dropped the gloves on the floor huh?

  17. aaliyah jackson says:

    you can not trick me

  18. DragonFighter1133 says:

    o wow

  19. streptococcus89 says:

    masks should go on before gloves! haha

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