Dentist Jobs : How Much Does a Dentist Make a Year?

Dentists make varying salaries, and the amount is largely dependent on the local economic climate, longevity, the clientele and the type of work that is performed. Learn about the average salary for dentists, which ranges in between $175000 and $275000 a year, with help from a dentist in this free video on dentist salaries. Expert: Larry Klein Contact: Bio: Dr. Larry Klein considers his greatest asset to be his true concern and caring for each patient as an individual. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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25 Responses to Dentist Jobs : How Much Does a Dentist Make a Year?

  1. astonvillaking says:

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  2. CorinneFizcher says:

    They give away $40 a day for doing nothing almost. I wonder who posted it there at ez-casino(dot)com.

  3. TheConstantino120 says:

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  4. eliwoohoo says:

    Dental school tuition in the US averages 250K-300K over 4 years, not counting the 7. 8% fixed interest. Most dentists start at 90-100K/yr for thier first few years. If you take out taxes and loan repayment, you won’t be taking home much. If you want to make more than that, you will probably need to own your own practice, and that will cost around 200-500K with 7% interest. You will probably never get rich practicing dentistry.

  5. jawseg says:


    What world are you living in? When was there ever a correlation between a strenuous and difficult occupation with how much money they make? In fact, orthodontics is probably one of the least stressful healthcare fields in existence. Orthodontics and dentistry in general is a highly regulated field. This allows them to command higher salaries. If anything, the competitive nature and the limited spots in the field influences salary. . . definitely not difficulty of the field.

  6. xKINGkhanSRKx says:

    @WarrenAch wat do you mean by, “you won’t make it?”

  7. bens8588 says:

    people who have had everything in their lives are the ones to say “if you do it for money you wont make it. ” but i think many of us do it for the money so our family can have a better live than what you had growing up. i think that for what ever reason you may have if its for money or just for the love of teeth you can make it as long as you try and always try to be better than the best and that will get you where ever you want. im doing it for the money and im not ashame.

  8. Californiway says:

    @limegreenqueen1996 First you need to learn how to fucking type and spell properly!

  9. kh739 says:

    If you get into it for the money, you will make it. 😀

  10. westpalmbeachdentist says:

    awesome video content dude

  11. DentistWestPalmBeach says:

    I appreciate the helpful video content, nice to meet you also

  12. Quynhah says:

    Does Orthodontist make more?

  13. inkey2 says:

    @key2kingdom it’s really like anything else. . . like auto repair. . . plumbing, home repair etc. You have to get some recommendations from people. . . . friends, co-workers as to finding an honest dentist. The dentist I have been going to is virtually a walking saint. He is very devoted to his patients and does not charge as much as he could. . . . . . . and yes. . . . I got his name by word of mouth,,,,from friends. There are fine dentists out there, you just have to really look hard

  14. inkey2 says:

    @mabdenno LOL. . . . you think 6 Billion people live in the USA????? LOL. . . . . the population is a small fraction of that. . . . about 300 million. Thats a riot. . . . . where the hell did you get 6 billion?,,,,LOL. . . LOL

  15. inkey2 says:

    @longdog33 depends on what part of the country you live in. I live in the Boston suburbs and dentists charge a fortune here. They are all driving $80,000+ cars

  16. inkey2 says:

    become an ENDODONTIST (root canals). . . . it’s a license to print money

  17. WarrenAch says:

    @PHXSUNSNASH13 No problem, always glad to help,

    Well, getting into Orthodontics is very tough since it’s the most competitive Specialty in Dentistry, if you’re getting into Dentistry with only Orthodontics in mind, you may end up hating it. Be open minded and always have a back up plan just in case Orthodontics doesn’t work out for you, remember that there’s also Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Endodontics and more recently, Oral & Maxillofacial Anesthesiology.

  18. PHXSUNSNASH13 says:

    @WarrenAch Ok thank you for your help and last questions is it worth it? Is there a high percentage of the people that try to be a orthodontists that make it?

  19. WarrenAch says:

    @PHXSUNSNASH13 You basically take out more loans to set up a practice if you decide to go solo, that means around 300-500k in debt, but if it all works out, you can make around 150 to 250% of that income in first year, and overhead will cover most of it, it’s risky, but can also be rewarding, strong management/business skills will be required for success.

    Otherwise, you can Partner up with other Orthodontic grads or already practicing orthodontists and split costs/income, less risky.

  20. PHXSUNSNASH13 says:

    @WarrenAch How does the private practice work and the process of getting started after orthodontics program?

  21. WarrenAch says:

    @PHXSUNSNASH13 Here’s the steps:

    1)Finish High School.
    2)Enter a Science program and complete prerequisite courses for Dental School. (3. 6 GPA +)
    3)Enter Dental School and do it for 4 years, keep grades high and shadow orthodontists + do research assistance.
    4)Do your boards exam and ensure you got at least 95%.
    5)Apply to Orthodontics programs.
    6)If you get accepted, it means more debts and 3 more years of your life wasted down the drain, it may or may not worth it, it’s all market rate.

  22. WarrenAch says:

    @longdog33 False, R. O. A. D. Specialties are not paying 500k for most. . .

    The average is around 280,000$ and the private setting for Derm/Ophto/Plastic Surgery is getting more and more competitive, therefore income for average Specialists in this area will decrease.

    Oh, and most Physicians work MINIMUM 65 hours/week, boring if you ask me, income per hour is definitely higher in Dentistry/Law/MBA-Level Business and the stakes are a lot less demanding.

  23. longdog33 says:

    i’ve been checking a few of these sites. they are way off on incomes. a lot of specialities make minimum 500 000 eg surgeons, radiologists, derm, ophto.

  24. longdog33 says:

    @WarrenAch i’ve been checking a few of these sites. they are way off on incomes. a lot of specialities make minimum 500 000 eg surgeons, radiologists, derm, ophto.

  25. PHXSUNSNASH13 says:

    Hey could you explain the process of becoming an orthodontist and how high the chances are of becoming one? I’m a Sophomore in high school and I’m thinking of pursuing this dream, and is there any classes I could take to help with becoming an Orthodontists?

    Thank you Bobby

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