David After Dentist vs Chad Vader

Our friends at Blame Society who are” responsible” for the Chad Vader Series and Chad After Dentist, our favorite parody of D.A.D put this together for us. C…

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25 Responses to David After Dentist vs Chad Vader

  1. monique aileen says:


  2. anonyumus123 says:

    David wins finish him

  3. Beans1111111111 says:


  4. RandomManB says:

    David has scumbled to the dark side of the force!

  5. djlances says:


    ITS ME

  6. hennessy lopez says:

    chad is not funny go david

  7. Daryl Bick says:


  8. jobo3rd says:


  9. EpicTaco9901 says:

    My favorite is chad vaders when he screams and pulls out his lightsaber

  10. Racheldancing says:

    david wins

  11. gabrielmerican says:

    Chad wins

  12. Rosey Wolf says:

    it dus not get old its funny

  13. CarolineReyna says:


  14. shreekerzombie321 says:

    Mraaaaaaaaaa *Vaders lightsaber pops out* XD

  15. Tobias Søllingvraa says:

    1:05 Haha, Vader banks head on the side of the car

  16. salabud434 says:

    0:56 i will have nightmares forever!!!

  17. rorshacktest99 says:

    Vader: you have four eyes.
    No, I don’t.
    David: you have four eyes.

  18. mohd nur aiman Rafei says:

    epic srearm

  19. MICHELLE78906 says:


  20. TheGraciebut says:

    0:56 rrrrraaaaaaaaaahhhhh I dont feel tired lol!!!;)

  21. TheGraciebut says:

    That is hilarious I laughed so hard lol!!!!

  22. TheGraciebut says:

    Omg hilarious I laughed so hard!!!;)

  23. callofdutyC73 says:

    David wins

  24. cilacam360 says:

    In my vent

  25. brannankiernan says:

    at the end he says alright champ lets go back to the store

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