Why Mercury is Still Used in Dentistry Today

http://www.ihealthtube.com Dr. David Kennedy talks about the reasons mercury is still used by dentists to this day.

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20 Responses to Why Mercury is Still Used in Dentistry Today

  1. frankaz07 says:

    You can easily recognise them. No problem knowing about it, problem is people using it.

  2. frankaz07 says:

    I agree wth this person. I have to porcelain crowned back teeth and inside are mercury amalgam. I remove one of them due to tooth ache. It was driving me mad, not sure if it was cause from the mecury but all i can think of is “remove it” “remove it” “remove it!” so i remove that teeth. Went back home, i feel different and notice a better change. . .
    Guys if you can, take it out now. Whoever made this made alot of mess.

  3. frankaz07 says:

    You going to feel it one day. Possibly hope not. . take care

  4. frankaz07 says:

    its silver. its called amalgam. And they are protected by dentists!

  5. dahome2006 says:

    how do we know a good dentist who can remove it?
    is there any list of accredited or trusted dentists who could remove it safely? i find it hard to trust anyone any more coz the the one put the my mercury filling was actually my friend

  6. solutionnotpuzzle says:

    i have 8 mercury fillings. My parents forced me to get them growing up, you can imagine how i feel when i discovered all the bad things about mercury fillings once i graduated from the university. now i don’t know who is telling the truth both sides have very convincing arguments but i just feel like in the long run there is no hope for me.

  7. 1madaboutguitar says:

    Its obvious. All silver amalgam fillings contain approx 50% mercury.

  8. 1madaboutguitar says:

    Glad to hear it. Its my plan also. Root canals are nasty too.

  9. 1madaboutguitar says:

    Just have it removed when you have the money dude. But get it done by a holistic dentist, with the correct protocol i. e. a separate oxygen supply. Getting the dentist down the road to remove it is a REEEEEEEEEEEALLLY bad idea.

  10. ThreeTreasureTonic says:

    No worries :) I made some videos on detoxifying mercury from the body just recently. . .

  11. poojkhgf says:

    I agree he argues in a very exagerated, over the top way so that he is hard to believe at all.

  12. Ubon94 says:

    i have one in my mouth. To think about it now the dr. was probably trying to making some money so he did that to me when i was around 8yr old. Hopefully it’s not harmful since its harden

  13. callmeyang says:

    I removed my metal fillings safely and my mood and overal state of being and health greatly improved specially on the side of the “imune system” and calmness, confidence, etc. . ! Its very difficult to explain until you experience. . . Highly recommend getting rid of it!

  14. motorolarules says:

    This just SUCKS. Weak weak weak

  15. Rush Aaron Hicks says:

    Great thanks. 

  16. ThreeTreasureTonic says:

    They will generally be dark in color. The composite fillings are the same color as your teeth so you can barely see them. Then there are gold fillings. However – if they’re dark, they are most likely amalgam. Plus, if you didn’t specify for the dentist to put the “more expensive” composites in, then in most (if not all) cases they would put the amalgam fillings in as a default.

  17. Rush Aaron Hicks says:

    Good info. How can you tell if your fillings contain mercury?

  18. SlimDeeZuL says:

    Mercury and Fluoride! Geez Louise!

  19. TheBartomon says:

    Thank you. Great vid! We must, must, must introduce ethics into cost/benefit analysis! The healthcare systems must divorce from its abusive relationship with finance! May we all continue to wake up from these nightmares caused by short-sighted financial micro-models and continue to evolve holistic analysis and curative healthcare protocols. (there is no money in the cure; only in treatment – this is changing. We will change this!)
    Thank you for truth-telling! Good luck to you!

  20. mikwid says:

    How long will it take the average american(dentist) to push outside of this box, use integrity, grow a set and stand up for what’s right?
    Great vid – thank you!

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