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How to straighten your teeth … Invisalign …by GloZell

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I like that you can’t see them. They are tight on the teeth. You can’t eat with them but they don’t hurt. I just couldn’t get them off that easy. Do you have any tips on Invisalign I should know? They don’t hurt at all. Thanks OXOXO — Please Like GloZell’s Official Fan Page See all of GloZell’s YouTube videos! Follow GloZell on Twitter! Visit GloZell’s Blog… Where She Shares Her Exciting, Hilarious Life as a Comedienne! Visit GloZell’s Official Website http — “Clear Braces” Braces “How to straighten your Teeth” Invisiline GloZell “Glozell Green” “How-to Dental” Invisalign Health Dentist Plastic Teeth “Straighten Teeth” Orthodontist “Acrylic Nails” “Jimmy Kimmel” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” “Good Morning America”

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