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Using Rubber Dam in Dentistry Part 1

1st part of my rubber dam video shwoing antr clamp use & multiple teeth isolation

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Eli After Dentist

Coming out of Anesthesia after 4 wisdom teeth removed…VERY FUNNY! No…He did NOT get to keep the teddy bear

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Leuven: Introduction for foreign students (Dentistry KUL)

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Dental Health : How Does a Dentist Fill a Cavity?

A cavity is a small dental infection of the tooth that is comprised of bacteria and is treated with a filling. Discover how a dentist fills a cavity by numbing the patient, cleaning the cavity and filling it with tips … Continue reading

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San Jose Oral Surgery Dentistry, Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experts, Oral surgeon

San Jose Oral Surgery Dentists, best San jose wisdom teeth extractions dentists/ doctors specialists, San jose Oral Surgeon. Free oral surgery consultation and free extraction consultation. Visit us at to download coupon. Call us at 408-259-2900, Jonathan H. Kim. … Continue reading

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Andy After Dentist – An Ode to Meg Ryan and Milkshakes

David after dentist may have waxed more philosophical, but Andy’s sedatives tapped into the Meg Ryan and chocolate shake center of his brain. See more new hilarious videos on –

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